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Meeting Physical Needs: When have you put love into action
When i stayed in hospital for two weeks in a foreign land just to take care of phychatrick female student of which i had nothing to do with her.

By: Douglas Ndi
Category: My Blog
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Define "Compassion"?
compassion can be define as been sorry, having pity on some one, it's a strong feeling of love for someone or something, Jesus having the spirit of Love always have compassion on people must especial those that are been molested/maltreated.

By: Gwamna Enoch
Category: Compassionate - Helping the Hurting
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In what way is Jesus still with us always? How can we be assured of Hi s presence?

URL: http://Jesus went up to His father, and releases the ....Holy spirit to help and comfort us at all times. It is ....through the Holy spirit that we are connected to Jesus. ....We can be assured of His presence by being Holy and ....living right, reading His word to know

By: Mary Ekpenyong
Category: The Great Commission
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