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Course Description ''Words of Jesus''

Jesus` words have long been recognized for their ability to benefit society and the individual. The purpose of this course is to make Jesus` words approachable and available, straight from the source.

The course has two bookends, starting with the Context of Jesus` life and ending with the Crucifixion, the most significant event in Jesus` life. In between these bookends are 6 Units, where you will study Jesus` words arranged by category - Claims, Character, Personal Interactions, Promises, Core Messages and Commands. It may help you to remember the course organization as 3 C`s , 2 P`s, and 3 C`s:

Time Requirement

This is a 40 lesson course scheduled over 8 weeks. Five days a week, your assignment requires 5 minutes per day, but you might optionally spend 30 minutes or more.


Week 1 Context of Jesus
Date Description
Mon Brief Life Summaries
Tue Timelines Before, During and After Jesus
Wed First Century Context and History
Thu Unique Terms
Fri Primary Sources
Week 2 Claims of Jesus
Date Description
Mon I am One with God the Father
Tue I am the Source of Eternal Life
Wed I Come from Outside This World
Thu I am Perfectly Obedient to God
Fri I am the King and the Jewish Messiah
Week 3 Characteristics of Jesus
Date Description
Mon Compassionate - Helping the Hurting
Tue Courageous / Fearless
Wed Forsaking Riches/ Material Possessions
Thu Praying: Taking Time Alone with God
Fri Befriending and Promoting the Lowly

Week 4 Personal Interactions of Jesus
Date Description
Mon The Political Leader - Roman Governor, Pilate
Tue The Military Leader - Roman Centurion
Wed The Religious Leader - Nicodemus
Thu The Rejected in Society - Foreign, Prostitute
Fri The Hated - Zacchaeus the Tax Collector
Week 5 Promises of Jesus
Date Description
Mon Love And Friendship Of God
Tue Fresh Start/Forgiveness
Wed Answers To Prayers In Faith
Thu Eternal Life
Fri God`s Spirit Present With You
Week 6 Core Messages of Jesus
Date Description
Mon God Loves & Values You
Tue Love One Another
Wed Good News: the Kingdom of God has Come...
Thu Reality of Judgment to Heaven or Hell
Fri God Forgives You, If You Ask

Week 7 Commands of Jesus
Date Description
Mon Love & Obey God + Love & Obey Me
Tue Forgive One Another
Wed Invite Me to be Close to You
Thu Believe I Am Who I Claim to Be
Fri Have Faith (Trust) in God
Week 8 Crucifixion of Jesus
Date Description
Mon Timeline - Final 1 Week
Tue Timeline & Words - Final Hours of Execution
Wed Jewish Prophets Describe Messiah
Thu The Appearances of Jesus following the Resurrection
Fri Statements of Purpose


For the introductory student of Jesus (with or without personal faith)

  • Gain a high quality, high-level overview of Jesus` life and words.
  • Master the basics of Jesus (80/20 rule) - You will understand his key messages, claims, commands, character, promises, historical context and the events of the cross.
  • Appreciate the richness and depth (multiple layers) of Jesus` teaching and character
  • Be equipped with learning techniques to further study Jesus` words on your own (without third party interpretation)

For long-term student of Jesus (with or without personal faith)

  • Be equipped to succinctly explain Jesus to others or to help someone else study Jesus (The best way to learn something is to think about how to teach it to others.)
  • Explore new angles - particularly from the perspective of a first century Jew
  • Discover personal application for becoming a better follower of Jesus