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Jesus Resurrection: Historical Context
Jesusí resurrection (return from the dead) is regarded as one of the most significant events in human history. He is the only person in history to claim to have beaten the power of death. Some two thousand years later, his followers continue to uphold the belief that Jesus is alive to this day. Letís consider the historical context of Jesusí resurrection to bring its significance into perspective.

Jesusí resurrection only makes sense in the context of his claims. During the 3 years of his ministry, Jesus made some remarkable claims about himself. He declared he was the Christ, Messiah, or Godís chosen savior. Furthermore, he said he was God in human flesh. He declared that he had come into the world to give his life to save the world. These claims were regarded as heretical and blasphemous by the religious leaders in his culture. They wanted him killed for his claims. It was only a matter of time before they fulfilled their mission Ė and Jesusí resurrection would follow.

In the meantime, Jesus backed up his claims with a remarkable series of miracles. He restored sight to the blind. He fed thousands of people with a handful of food. He healed many diseased with leprosy and other debilitating ailments. He gave hearing to the deaf. He walked on water and commanded winds and storms to cease.

Despite this evidence, the religious leaders of his day brought an assortment of false charges against him. They brought him to trial before the courts of the Roman government who were ruling their country. Their false witnesses and political maneuvering prevailed. Jesus was handed over to the Roman government for punishment and execution by means of crucifixion. This cruel means of corporal punishment was invented by the reigning Roman government as a means of instilling fear in the hearts of its conquered territories.

Jesusí resurrection was now only days away. It was on a Friday that Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross. By that same evening, his body hung lifelessly to it. That evening his deceased body was removed from the cross and placed into a tomb. Because Jesus had predicted that he would rise from the dead, Roman solders were stationed to guard Jesusí body in the tomb. Nonetheless, three days following his death and burial, his disciples found his tomb empty. They realized that Jesus is alive.

Jesus Christís resurrection was complete. He was seen by 500 people during one of several appearances in the 40 days that followed. Jesus had done what no other person had ever managed to do. After being dead and buried for 3 days, he conquered death and returned to life. After 40 days of appearances with his followers watching on, Jesus ascended into the clouds.

Jesus Resurrection: The Significance
Jesusí resurrection can be further understood through the context of his claims. Jesus summarized the reason why he came in the following statement. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son." (John 3:16-18)

Jesus said he was God in human flesh who had come into our world for the purpose of giving up his life to save the world from its broken relationship with God. The reason he needed to come was our relationship with God was broken when we each sinned (did wrong things). We couldnít be restored back into relationship with God unless our sins were paid for. Jesus came for the purpose of paying for our sins on our behalf.

Jesus came to lay down his life to pay for our sins so that we are not condemned for them. It wasnít Roman soldiers who took his life from him; rather, Jesus willingly laid down his own life for our sake. Whatís more, this is also why his resurrection was so essential. If Jesus was who he claimed to be, he needed to do what no other human being had ever done to prove these claims.

Jesus Christís resurrection was significant because without it his claims would carry little weight. Had it not been for Jesusí resurrection, we might conclude that he was nothing more than a trickster and con artist. Yet, Jesusí resurrection put him in a category all by himself. Jesus claimed to be God in human flesh come to save the world through his life and death. Three days following his burial, he did what no one else had ever done or has since. Jesus is alive today because he overcame the power of death.

Jesus Resurrection: Personal Application
Death is something most everyone naturally fears. Yet, Jesusí resurrection gives me profound hope. Jesus said he came to give his life for me so that I could spend eternity (my life after death) with Him. Just as Jesus overcame death and arose to eternal life, he extend an invitation for me to experience the same. If I put our hope and trust in Jesus, he extends an invitation to eternal life to me.

It all comes down to a matter of faith for me. Do I believe that he was God come in human flesh? Do I believe that he gave his life for me? Do I believe that he died, was buried and arose from the dead? This is my idea of the personal application of Jesus Resurrection, perhaps you are just looking for information -- too early in the process of discovering the teachings and principles of Jesus for you to make your own personal application. Thatís fine. We encourage to read, interact, ask questions and enjoy this website. We developed it to help you "learn about Jesus". So, dive in and please let us know if thereís anything we can do to help you in your journey of exploration into the person of Jesus Christ.
It all comes down to a matter of faith. Do you believe that he was God come in human flesh? Do you believe that he gave his life for you? Do you believe that he died, was buried and arose from the dead? Jesusí resurrection and his power are available to anyone who honestly says yes to these questions and puts their trust in him for salvation. If you are willing to put your faith in him and his claims, he extends his resurrection power to you so that you too can overcome death and experience eternal life with him in heaven.

Perhaps you are too early in the process of discovering the teachings and principles of Jesus to make that step of faith. Thatís fine. We encourage you to take all the time you need to feel confident in this decision. Weíve developed this website to help supply you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, dive in and please let us know if thereís anything we can do to help you in your journey of exploration into the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Resurrection: Key References to Explore

  1. John 17 Ė Jesus prays for his disciples and followers before facing his arrest and crucifixion
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  3. John 19 Ė Jesus sentencing, crucifixion, death and burial
  4. John 20 Ė Jesusí resurrection and appearances

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