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How Have You Experienced Jesus on a Day-to-Day Basis?

What some people might want to explain as mere coincidence, I explain as the presence of Jesus in my life. It has taken 25 years of training to distinguish his presence in the day to day events of life. I've experienced Jesus in various ways, such as an inner voice, a remarkable answer to my prayer, a deep sense of his peace and presence, and conviction of my own wrong doings.

General Manager, 40, United States

On a day-to-day basis I tell him everything and leave everything to him. He knows my everything. My day will begin with him and end with him. I love Jesus, and I express human tendencies towards him. I fight, cry, scold, ask, beg, and love him.

Confidential Secretary, 35, India

The longer I live, the more I realize that more of what happens in my life is because of what God is doing rather than what I am doing. Also, I've learned that a good relationship takes hard work. Just as having a good relationship with my wife takes work and I must make it a priority and be faithful to my commitment to her, the same is true with my relationship with Jesus.

School Director, 41, South Korea

On a day-to-day basis, I would come across frustrations with people, my health, and my energy. I pray to him in my heart to ask him to bring me through these times. When I need to take a risk, or I have a fork in my plans during the day, I ask Jesus what choices I should make and what path I should walk.

Student, 21, United States

He is my best friend who never leaves me or forsakes me and my big brother who shows an example that I need to follow. I can be satisfied with the fact that he is with me always and loves me no matter what.

Children's Worker, 37, Japan

In the 13 years since becoming a follower of Jesus, I have gone through many storms, but my life has slowly changed. My old habits of smoking and drinking, angry tirades and unhealthy relationships have faded away. As I read the Bible and pray, an unexplainable peace presides over every day and every circumstance. Today, with all of life's struggles, I cannot imagine trying to cope with life alone, without the assurance that Jesus is in control. I can honestly say that I have a new life. Jesus gave me my new beginning.

Executive Secretary, 51, Canada

He has to be as real as any living person I know. He is a living God, not a historical figure. I talk to him every day through prayer. I hear him speak every day through reading the Bible.

Sales, 36, Singapore

I've been blessed with the ability to play football. But I am more blessed to have Jesus' joy and love in my heart and home. I have the assurance that wherever I go, Jesus goes with me. One day my football career will be over, but His love is everlasting. That's a feeling that not even a great catch or Super Bowl victory could approach in magnitude. Nothing in life is more important than a relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ.

Professional Football Player, 33, United States

I try to converse with Jesus every day. I take requests to him in prayer, and his teachings serve as a guide for living. Over the years, his character and wisdom have become ingrained in my life, and I often sense what Jesus would think or do in a situation. He has proven to be a reliable guide for my life.

Physician, 47, China

In this last year after completely and totally giving my life to Jesus and recognizing him as my personal Savior, I am more in tune with the spiritual. I feel Jesus' presence...His comfort, love and support. He guides me throughout the day, and I definitely feel his Spirit showing and teaching me what and what not to do every single moment of everyday.

Executive Secretary, 24, United States

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How have you experienced Jesus on a day to day basis?
When I say his name, I feel his presence right here with me. It is a warm, loving, glow that is centered around my eyes, and a substantial presence, and it makes me weepy. (I feel that way as I write this) He answers my questions and prayers with thoughts that are accompanied by a deep love for me. I know him by his deep love for me that I feel, and it makes me weepy. I feel his presence and know he is right here with me, right now. It is a wonderful and deeply comforting feeling.

By: David McCord
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