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Saint Pierre And Miquelon, Canada, United States, Greenland,

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God on Earth
Very good summary.  The most important point is God loves you and is with you.....the spirit lives within all of us.

By: Thomas Goeller
Category: Brief Life Summaries
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Thy Kingdom Come
“Jesus makes it clear that His Kingdom was not to be established in this reality by traditional historical means.  It was not going to be taken by force, nor surrendered to Him.  He would not assume it through negotiation, treaty, appointment, or election.  It is not of this reality.  It is comprised in Him and of Him, making It a complex multi-dimensional understanding of government, citizenship, location, time, space and existence.  We, who are the citizens of this kingdom, become more wonderfully aware of our blessed state when we consider these multi-dimensional aspects.  Take some time today in the “here” around you to look for the “there” that Jesus was talking about.”
Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “On Earth As It Is In Heaven.” iBooks.

URL: ...._knowledge.html

By: mike stair
Category: The Coming of the Kingdom of God
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"According to Jesus, what does it mean to be loved by God?"

Loved by God, according to Jesus, means that God has provided for us....he is our creator and has given us all the resources necessary for a fruitful life.  This includes not only food and shelter to care for our physical requirements but also providing us guidance and rules to follow to help us in our spiritual life.  He also loves us by giving us freedom of choice.  He is also there to help when our choices are not as correct as they should.

By: Thomas Goeller
Category: God Loves & Values You
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