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Jesus sends his disciples into the world for what purpose?
Jesus sends his disciples into the world for what purpose?   As Jesus resurected and eventually ascended into heaven, He was able to send us the second Paraclete. (as He was actually the first for us).Created on His likeness, now with the Holy Spirit (after being baptised) we are duty bound to evangalise on His behalf and as He did when He was here on earth fulfil the word of God by revealing the Fatherly love to humanity.

By: Richard Farrugia
Category: Jesus Prays for His Disciples
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Brief Life Summaries
Jesus was born around 2000 years ago in Israel. He worked as a carpenter and he began his ministry at the age of 32. Although he stayed close to his birthplace his reputation travelled far and wide which brought him to the attention of authorities. His teachings brought him into conflict with the Jewish leaders and although the Roman rulers did not find him at fault, they caved into pressure and allowed Jesus to be crucified. After his death and resurrection, he gained even more followers and his influence continues to this day.

By: LaSeebeck
Category: Brief Life Summary: Who Was Jesus Christ?
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If Jesus appeared to you today and asked you to follow him. What would you tell him?

By: Tress Faith
Category: Peter Disowns Jesus
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