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If John

Possible answers are 

It was to indicate the start of his ministry

To identify himself with people

To receive the holy spirit

To show that he is the answer to the sin in peoples lives 

By: David Clark
Category: John the Baptist Prepares the Way
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If you were Mark, writing a short report to demonstrate to a Roman audience that Jesus (a Jewish man) was "the Son of God", what would you include in that report?
Dear friends, let me tell you about a Jewish man called Jesus. He was a great man who claimed to be the Son of God. He told and showed people how to live the way God intended us to live. He spoke with authority on the things of God as he knew God personally. But the other religious leaders did not like him, and persuaded the Roman authorities to have him crucified, even though he had done nothing wrong. And that was another thing, he did nothing wrong proving he was the Son of God. But an amazing thing happened three days after he had died. He came back to life again. Many people can testify to this. He then proceeded to tell his followers to go and tell everyone about him, to believe, to repent, be baptised, and to follow him. Many days later he left this earth to be with God, who he called Father.

Sincerely Mark.

By: David Clark
Category: Introduction to Mark`s Biography of Jesus
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